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Z-Pack bags are manufactured from pure and pristine resins with high clarity in a cleanroom. They are good for packaging medical devices and wafer boxes, wipes, gloves or most other products requiring a high level of surface particulate cleanliness.
ZII is also our most popular plastic film, preferred by all our clean environment customers. To ensure a high standard of traceability and quality, all orders are manufactured from their own base of raw material, which is tested regularly for all characteristics. Each manufacturing job is certified and tested for particle content. ZII is available printed or unprinted, and it is suitable for different kinds of sterilization. ZII film is available in many variations, including transparent, colored printed, water resistant or fire retardant.


ZII is one of the most expensive cleanroom bag packaging films available in Europe, while still supplying a high level of performance. Fabricated from resin that is really virgin and completely free of slip agents and any other foreign naterial. Our quality processing procedures used for initial extrusion and manufacturing ensure the best-quality bags available. ZII is used as primary and barrier bag, it is an excellent choice concerning strength, durability and ease of handling.
In an industry that has underachieved in customer service, we are making the service a major component of our product. Using only our own produced ZII film we guarantee highest quality and very short production cycles, and we can ensure short delivery times. Our floor stock of standard packaging films helps customers anywhere by enabling quick shipments, especially in Europe, as well as an immediate availability of products.
Most of all, service is our way of life at Z-Pack. All our activities revolve around helping the customer, additional application support, product development, packaging, and shipping.